Wind Energy potential is very modest, with annual average speed of 2.0 m/s in the coastal regions and 4.0 m/s at the height of 30 meters in the north of the country.

Two large scale wind projects are currently under development in kano state (30 MW) and Katsina state. They can and will provide first hand experience in operating conditions and perspectives for grid-level wind power in Nigeria, and will be significant for further policy decisions.

For this (Wind Energy), we implement Psiclone Turbine Generators, made up of :

Conventional Turbines
– 2 to 6 blades, up 100m high
– Wind farm multiple turbines of 1kW each
– Physical sight obstruction and Electronic interference (impact Studies)

Air in motion caused by uneven heating across Earth’s surface by the sun. Wind energy is renewable, because wind will always blow as long as the sun shines. Wind energy is harvested with wind turbines, (like Psiclone wind turbines) primarily in regions where the land is flat and there are no obstructions. Wind power plants, also known as wind farms, include many wind turbines to collect the wind’s energy. Wind energy is converted into electricity using the spinning turbines and a generator.  Wind is a free and clean resource.

In partnership with Psiclone Hybrid Technologies, a world leader in the generation of clean energy from renewable sources. We offer you, first and foremost a science and technology enterprise with a special interest in developing renewable energy solutions to meet the world’s growing demand for clean , sustainable and affordable energy. Welcome to the future, here and now.