• Nigeria in High Sunshine belt 3.5 -7.0 kWh/m2-day (> 5 kWh/m2-day adequate)

  • Cost driven down in last 10 years, affordable

  • Suitable for hybrid power

  • Can be scaled up

  • Low profile compatible with airport

  • Flexible siting options, on building or land

  • Sunshine and open space at airports

  • Glare most critical concern

  • Acceptable regulations on glare by authority

  • Several success stories

Solar cells (or photocells) turn light energy from the Sun directly into direct current electricity. Solar cells are very useful where the light intensity is highest. Solar cells are also useful where low amounts of power are needed in place of batteries.  The robust nature of solar panels can be exploited to reduce the cost of providing electricity.

The use of solar power in remote locations removes the need to lay electricity cables to the light, which is another benefit to the environment.