• Area of core business: Development and Marketing of Electricity and Energy Products using RE Resources.

  • Mission Statement: To use Renewable Energy to empower the Nigerian Public

  • Vision Statement: To be the leading Renewable Electricity and Energy Products Company in Nigeria

  • Motto: Micro Energy for MEGA Energy Access.

  • Wind, Small Hydro, Fuel Cell and BioFuels

  • Partners : Psiclone & Texas A & M Univ.

  • Projects: (Development Stage ) Wind Farm in Bayelsa and Rivers, Mini Hydro Delta.

  • Energy Audit Project : Benue and Delta (Seeking Funding)


Our alternative is renewable energy. * comes from energy resources that can be easily replenished * utilizes resources that are safer and cleaner for Earth & people * utilizes resources that have multiple purposes * needs more investment and practice to have expanded success. This is where we come in … Palliative Ventures Limited.


  • Foresight – One of the first companies to invest in hardware for Renewable Energy.

  • Extensive experience by inventor since 2006 with hands on renewable technology.

  • First company in Africa to do R&D in generator technology.

  • Invention of new type of generator.

  • Invention of new wind turbine blades.

  • Invention of new micro hydro technology.

  • One of the first to propagate micro energy for macro energy needs.

  • First to introduce quick access energy models.

Collaboration with Ethiopian and Kenya governments


–Energy Audit: Establish Energy Requirement/Current Cost
–Agree on Tariff and Fiscal Instruments/Incentives
–Off-Taker Agreement: Validated (Ministry/Clients)
–Ministry/Clients  Pay 30% of CAPEX to Palliative
–Design & Establish Power Utility in the Facilities
–Connect  End-Users (Smart Metres)
–Collect Rates and Maintain Power Utilities
–Scale-Up and Replicate Utilities at Other Facilities
-BOO PPP Model


  • Palliative shall carry out an energy audit on Clients Facilities.

  • Palliative shall carry out an energy efficiency program for the audited Facilities.

  • Palliative shall provide energy services on a build-operate-transfer bases or special financial arrangements to mutual benefit.

  • Palliative shall build and operate Mini-Grids across Nigeria

  • Palliative shall enhance Access to Energy for the Poor by providing SME Development ,Green Financing ,Micro-CREDIT and Lending of Energy Efficient Equipment

  • Palliative shall Support State Government with Grants for Energy Audits